Many novice businessmen have the question “how to sell shimmer in food or in bath bombs”? It turned out to be quite simple to sell glitter in bulk.

Realize the target audience of this product and study it, prepare the replies. People don’t know much about shimmer, so they’re skeptical:

painting of a bath bomb on the water

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

  • Will the bathtub be painted? Answer: no, it contains food coloring, as in any cake that you buy for the holiday. Your stomach is not stained. If this happened, then all our organs would be rosy.
  • Can children swim in this? Answer: yes, they can, as there is no soda in the composition of oils that nourish the skin! But under the supervision of adults, so as not to drink this water, after all, the perfume is cosmetic.

At the beginning of your business journey acquire enough skill, which you can implement in your new ideas.