Finding a job is not an easy task. But finding the right employee is even more difficult. To do this, there are special recruitment agencies that will help you find the perfect candidate.

Many organizations carry out the search and selection of employees by their own personnel management departments. However, at the current level of development of the talent recruitment services market, this is not always advisable. In some cases, contacting a recruitment agency will help save time and budget.

Cost reduction

Contacting a recruitment agency is not a luxury, but a way to save resources. For example, the costs include:

  • the cost of placing ads about the selection;
  • the cost of time spent on the approval and discussion of the vacancy;
  • the cost of accessing the databases of sites to search for an employee.
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Perhaps you are lucky, and candidates come to you themselves in a continuous stream. But then you wouldn’t have had the idea of a recruitment agency. Organizing an influx of resumes is not so difficult. It is more difficult to organize an influx of correct resumes.

The employee who is engaged in the selection, at the same time is responsible for personnel records management, organization of events and receiving calls? Or is team selection left to the heads of groups and departments? The effectiveness in the long term is in great doubt. Speaking about Target Hiring employees, we are not only talking about browsing websites, the right people are “found” everywhere – in social networks, at conferences, forums. Search, selection and attraction is a separate difficult task. In a growing company, sooner or later you will need a separate person who is engaged only in it. Add to the calculation of his salary and expenses for a social package and workplace maintenance, and contacting a recruitment agency will seem economically profitable: you pay the fee once and only for an already approved and hired candidate.

Increasing efficiency

Understanding by the company’s management of the need to attract external specialists or to contact recruitment agencies helps to save budget and resources for non-core tasks, as well as increase business efficiency.

The internal HR knows the specifics of the organization, the external recruiter knows the real state of affairs. One receives money for the process, the other – for the result and only for the result.

Yes, agencies select staff for different companies and industries, but within each there is a specialization: a real expert with established connections in the right industry will work with you. And having prepared and discussed the application for the selection of the ideal candidate, you will get an extra chance to understand what is realistic in your requirements for a future colleague and what is not.

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The speed of the agency’s work is also on your side. You can agree on a selection deadline and get your first resumes the very next day. All the preliminary work – checking the recommendations, updating the resume, finding out the candidate’s readiness for negotiations, presentation of the company – will already be done.

Plus: proven recruitment agencies can include additional guarantees of results in the contract. For example, the exact time of selection. It is also mandatory to replace an employee if he left the organization on probation or turned out to be objectively ineffective.